Thursday, October 6, 2016

July Transfers

     In July we said goodbye to a great group of missionaries with a lot of musical talent, leadership skills, and personality. We finished saying goodbye to the last three missionaries from our first batch as well as an amazing former Assistant and office elder. They will all be missed!

We always love to meet families of the missionaries.
This transfer we were able to meet the parents of a former Assistant
and the parents and grandma of our former office elder. One of our RMs also came with them.
We had great visits with these wonderful, supportive families.
Our office couple also left this month. It was hard to say goodbye since we had served together for 22 months
and had become close friends. We look forward to a sweet reunion when we return to Utah.
Two of our sisters left between transfers. As you can tell from the photos they have lots of personality
and we will miss these fun missionaries!

     Our incoming batch was an interesting mix. We had one from New Zealand, three from Kiribati, and the other seven were Filipino. Four of the Filipinos are Visa waiters all going to the United States/Arizona, California, Colorado, and Utah. All eleven missionaries are very impressive and we are thankful to have them join our mission even if it's only for a few months for some of them.