Monday, September 15, 2014

It's a Pink Week--Brittney and Mom's favorite color

This week marks five years since our beautiful Brittney passed away and one year since my mom did. As you can imagine this is not my favorite week of the year. (Except for the birthdays of my cute grandsons, Truman and Patrick!)

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we’ve seen Britt’s face, heard her voice, or held her hand and yet it feels like forever. Time is deceiving in that way. As I’ve reflected on the last years, months, weeks, and days of Brittney’s life my thoughts have been tender and bittersweet. I’ve tried to focus on the positive; her beautiful singing voice; her spontaneous and fun personality; her gift with children, especially her own; her sewing talent; her faith and courage; and so many fun, wonderful and tender memories of nearly 30 years on earth. 

Remembering my sweet mom is the same kind of experience. The last months, weeks, and days were difficult but so sweet at the same time. How I miss my mommy. She was kind, charitable, fun, patient, hardworking, loving, full of faith, and a dear friend.  It’s hard to think of my mom without my dad and now he’s been gone nearly six months. I miss his strong hands, his heartfelt prayers, his wit and wisdom, his integrity and work ethic, his unwavering faith and strong testimony. As much as I miss my dad and mom I’m so thankful that they didn’t have to be separated for long.

I’ve also reflected on both my daughter’s and mother’s last words to people. They both bore their testimonies many times in the last days of their mortal lives. They testified of the plan of salvation and the love of our Heavenly Father and Savior. They both shared their love to everyone they spoke with. I thought a lot about this five years ago after Brittney died. I felt like she taught us what was most important as she drew near to the veil; our testimony of our loving Heavenly Father and our Savior and their restored gospel and our love for our family, friends, and others. Then last year as I witnessed my mom sharing the same things that Brittney had shared I had a confirmation of the importance of these truths. I am so grateful for their valiant examples and will always miss them.

Love you forever!!!!!

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