Sunday, November 8, 2015

When two worlds collide!

    About 11:30 p.m. on August 30 our youngest son, his wife, and their adorable 2 year old daughter came to visit us! After a very long day of three flights they arrived. I have to be honest I wasn't sure what it would be like to have "our two worlds collide" but it was wonderful! Our sweet son said that he was exhausted but as soon as he saw us and hugged us the travel was worth it.
     They were here for a week and it was so much fun to get to know Ari who was not even walking when we left and now runs and talks and is so full of energy and fun. It was great to be able to visit with Collin and Cecily and we had plenty of time to catch up since we were riding in the car around the mission a lot. We enjoyed giving them a glimpse of our life and the beauties of our mission. Of course, it was hard to say good-bye and we really missed Ari's cute sayings, especially :"you ok?" and "oh no". It's a good thing we had a busy week after they left.
     This is a very small sample of the photos from the week they were here but it shows some of the things we did. We so appreciate their bravery in coming to see us and loved every minute--it just went too fast.

October Transfers

October 20, 2015

     Saying good-bye is never easy but we have fun with the missionaries before they leave as well as enjoy sharing memorable experiences and tender, heartfelt testimonies. This transfer turned out to be extra interesting because we were on the island of Mindoro for our last Zone Interviews and District Conference. On Saturday we found out the ports were closed because of a typhoon. We were supposed to return to the mission home on Sunday evening but the ports were still closed. The island got some rain but nothing serious but the port city we were going to was having more effects from the typhoon. On Monday morning the ports were open but there were lines of large semi- trucks filled with produce as well as other trucks, buses, and cars lined up to get on a boat. Only a few boats were even running. When we finally got to the end of the line it was about 2 1/2 kilometers. After over 4 hours we had only moved about 500 meters. A man came by and tried to get us to follow him telling us he could get us to the port, but we weren't too sure if we could trust him so we didn't go. A while later he returned and the great elder that was with us talked to he and a woman that was with him and told them if we got out of line and lost our place he would know where to find them. Elder felt like it was worth following him so the man ran ahead of us and took us down a little "road" that cut through to the main road by the port. The man then jumped on a bike and told us to follow him. I was nervous but the police that were on the road kept waving us through and before you knew it we were at the port where you pay your fees! It was a tender mercy and we feel like it was divine intervention. We had already missed the day's activities with our departing missionaries but now we would be able to make it back that night. Our "angel" probably saved us waiting in line for at least another 7 hours. We made it to the mission home just as the departing missionaries were finishing their dinner but at least we made it. Thankfully we have two wonderful office couples who took care of everything (as well as our house help). As far as the typhoon our mission only got extra rain and wind but nothing serious but a couple of the northern missions got hit pretty hard. 

So many wonderful missionaries who have touched our lives and many lives as they served here in the Philippines, San Pablo Mission.

We love you all!

A few pictures of our adventure as well as pictures of two of our missionaries and their families.
It's always fun to meet the families. We appreciate them sharing their sons with us. 

This fun elder left a couple of weeks early to get back into school. We'll miss his fun personality, great smile and laugh.

October 21, 2015

     The good news is every time we say good-bye to a great group of missionaries we get to welcome a great group as well. We're excited to work with this fine missionaries.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

September Transfers

September 8, 2015
     In September we said goodbye to our smallest group ever. Two great missionaries who will bless their homelands as they return. We will miss them and their great attitudes and wonderful smiles.

September 9, 2015 
    We welcomed a group of 7 to our mission. They have great attitudes and we had a good time with this new group and look forward to getting to know them even better.

     September 9 is always a tender day as it marks the day of Brittney's death. I made the mistake of looking at an email from Harmony on my iPad during a meeting with the new missionaries. It had sweet photos of her and Britt and the sweetest comments. This is one thing she wrote: "Sometimes I wonder how I made it these six years without her but then I realize that I didn't. I made it through these six years with her by my side!" What an amazing young woman she is. I'm so grateful that she still feels Brittney close by. These are three of the photos she sent me along with one I added. I love these pictures!

 This week also marked two years since I said good-bye to my mom. I still miss these two wonderful women who continue to influence my life.