Monday, June 8, 2015

1st Week of June--Baptism and Baby!!!

     On June 6 our cute grandson, Ammon, was baptized by his dad. Of course, we weren't there but we understand it was a wonderful experience. We're so thankful for Ammon and his great parents. We missed not being there but we are so thankful for the support and love of family for this special event.

He looks so happy! A very special day.

     A few hours later, now June 7,  darling Nolan was born to our dear Hayley. Ben was so sweet to keep us updated on the progress and we saw a photo of Nolan shortly after he was born. When we received the photo and news of his birth we were filled with excitement and gratitude. Then the tears came. It's hard to be away and not hold the baby and help Hayley. I'm so grateful for the goodness of family and friends to help since we're not there. We were able to Face Time a few hours later and had a nice visit with Hayley and Ben and saw Nolan sleeping. I love these adorable pictures of Peyton meeting his baby brother for the first time. They are priceless.

Beautiful family--look at the joy of a new baby!!!

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