Tuesday, August 11, 2015

June 2015 Departing and Incoming

     We said good-bye to our largest batch on June 16. There were 26 of them--actually 27--but one had to leave 3 weeks early because he broke his arm and needed surgery. This batch had great and strong missionaries and the mission will feel the loss. We enjoyed a long but wonderful evening of sharing memories and testimonies. We love our missionaries and it's always tender to say good-bye.
This was an extra large, extra fun group. We will miss them.

We said good-bye to a wonderful Assistant as well as the rest of this great group.
The Elders loved how they looked in their suits. They don't wear suits at all in the Philippines so they hang in a closet
in the Mission Home for the 2 years. Some of them had them tailored so they would fit well. Great looking group!
The last group of photos shows them crowded in the 3 Jeepneys and ready for the 2 hour drive to Manila.
It's worth it--they get to go to the Manila Temple before heading home.

Two of our wonderful sisters had their parents (and one brother) come to pick them up. 
After a few days of visiting and enjoying the sights in the mission they stopped by for a fun visit before heading to Manila. We loved our visits.

We only received 11 new missionaries---they are a great, enthusiastic group!

We had a great sister arrive off cycle the first week of June so we consider her part of this batch.

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