Friday, January 8, 2016

More Christmas Family Fun!

     We're thankful for pictures that help us to share the fun of Christmas with our family.

A glimpse into some of the Christmas season fun.
Family Christmas Party

     On the morning of December 20 (their evening of the 19) we were able to join our family Christmas party. Our connection wasn't the best but it was wonderful to see all of the family together enjoying each other. We visited one on one with some of the family; were able to hear the grandkids sing to us; saw baby Colby in the same Christmas outfit his dad, Collin, wore on his first Christmas; and got to see them unwrap a couple of gifts. We sent each family a wood, hand carved Liahona. One of the Branch Presidents in our mission is a skilled woodcarver.

Family Christmas Party Fun as seen from the Philippines!

We didn't get to watch them act out the nativity but we know it was extra special--
just look at this beautiful group of grandchildren in their costumes. They're amazing!

This is a wonderful family photo!!!!!
There's only one problem, our cute daughter-in-law took it so she's not in the photo.
She's a great photographer so maybe she can photo shop herself in it.
Our family has grown a lot in 40 years--it even grew by 3 in 2015!

Visit with Dad and Mom

A couple of days before Christmas we were able to Face Time
with Dad and Mom and Craig.
Dad hasn't been feeling very well so it was great to visit with them.
 I love the photo of Bart and his dad, both smiling,
and how the picture makes it look like they're together--very sweet!

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The Oylers said...

I miss you guys! I know I have been a terrible niece and haven't written you once. Well I guess that isn't completely true because I have I just am the worst at actually mailing anything. I love you and love reading about your experiences. Can't wait to see you again.

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