Tuesday, September 27, 2016

June Visitors

     In June we had another family visit us. It was so fun to see Harmony, Brynn, Boston, and Cambria as well as Steven and Wendy. We know that we are blessed that Steven and Wendy are willing to be a part of our family. We loved being with them and strengthening our relationships as we enjoyed the Philippines together. It's interesting how natural it feels to be together even after a long separation. With each family we have done basically the same things but because of the different ages and personalities each experience is unique. Everyone, but Cambria, was able to have a missionary experience. She got to stay and play with grandpa. We had fun filled days and nights enjoying the beautiful and fun sights of the Philippines, playing games, laughing, snuggling, and being together. The days went too fast and it was hard to say good-bye, but after being separated for 2 years one more doesn't seem too bad.

Harmony did a memory book about Brittney for a Young Women's project.
 I read it online a few months ago when she completed it. 
They brought a copy with them so we were able to look at with Harmony.
 This book is a treasure and filled with memories and tributes
 about her beautiful mommy and our beautiful daughter. 
The memories and pictures of Brittney capture her personality and are fun, humorous,
 and insightful as well as tender and heart breaking. 
Harmony has included a testimony that Brittney wrote before her battle with cancer began.
 It is a beautiful testimony that only became stronger through her experiences.
 Bart and I love to see glimpses of Brittney in Harmony, Brynn, and Boston.
 Even though their memories, especially Boston's are limited, 
they each have a part of Brittney in them. 
It's very sweet to read what Harmony learned from the experience. The book is priceless!

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