Friday, April 17, 2015


     On April 13 our newest grandson was born. We received the call around 3:00 a.m. Brantley was only 1-1/2 hours old and it was so fun to see him and we loved watching Wes and Leah and how happy they were with their adorable baby. He was crying and it was sweet to hear the newborn cry and be part of the magic of a new baby. I have to admit I had tears of gratitude and sadness as I fell back to sleep. It's really hard for both of us not to be able to hold and snuggle this beautiful baby. We also got to Face Time the next day and watch cute Maddie and Grady with him. We're so thankful for modern technology! We're also thankful that Leah's great parents have been there to help and give grandparent hugs.

Darling Baby and Family! 

Sweet pictures of baby with great grandma and grandpa Mangum.

     On April 15 Bart had his first birthday in the Philippines. We were having zone interviews so the missionaries wished him Happy Birthday for a couple of days. Two sisters brought him the great cake. He also had a lot of texts with birthday greetings. That evening we went to Shakey's for dinner with the office couples, Assistants, and Office Elders. This waiter at Shakey's has become our friend and brought him the Sundae with the greetings on the plate. It was a nice day and even though he really doesn't like a lot of attention he handled it well. He also got Happy Birthday wishes, phone calls, texts, and songs from the kids and grandkids.

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