Friday, April 3, 2015

March Departing and Incoming

     March 22-24--Seriously 6 weeks pass so quickly it's hard to believe! On March 22 we had our 9 departing missionaries arrive. As always we enjoyed a nice dinner and visit with the missionaries. It's always fun to watch the interaction with the "batch" and also watch some of them try to fit everything in their suitcases and make the weight limits. Monday the departing missionaries spent the day at the ERC (Employment Resource Center) and then returned for dinner, FHE, and a testimony meeting. We love the time sharing mission experiences and testimonies. Another great group returned home!

Saying good-bye to another great group of missionaries.

(I didn't realize until we were ready for pictures that I forgot my name tag--oops!)

A fun group of missionaries!

    The Church has a program for all non-English speaking missionaries to learn English so that they will have better job opportunities after their missions. During the weekend we had five of the missionaries certify in the OPIc English Proficiency exam. We said good-bye to an Elder who had been one of the Office Elders when we arrived--he is a great young man and always took great care of us. One of the Elders had his mom and some of his family pick him up. We were able to have a nice visit with them. It was a sweet experience.

    March 25 & 26--As hard as it is to say good-bye we don't have much time to think about it as we welcome a new group the following morning. This group had only 2 elders and 9 sisters. Six of the sisters were from the Provo MTC and had become best friends and really had a difficult time saying good-bye to each other as they received their assignments.

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