Thursday, March 30, 2017

Transportation in the Philippines

     Our time in the Philippines is quickly coming to an end and I have folders of photos that I've never posted so I am going to share some of them to give a glimpse into life in the Philippines.

We watched as this man ran and jumped on the truck while it was driving up the road. 

The drivers of the pedicycles have strong legs. 

Traveling up the mountain road from the port we saw this line of tricycles;
it looked like a parade.

You will often see trucks full of pigs, chickens, and some times cattle. 

It's amazing how many people and how many things they can fit on a tricycle.

It's common to see families on motorcycles or scooters.
We've seen as many as five on a scooter and often a toddler in the front of the driver
and a baby in the middle. 

Tricycles and Jeepneys are the transportation for the missionaries and most Filipinos in our mission.

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