Wednesday, November 2, 2016

41 Years of Marriage!

     On October 8 we celebrated our 41st Anniversary! Looking at the photo from our wedding day it's hard to tell that we are the same people--I guess in many ways we aren't. I like to think we've grown in more ways than just our weight. We are both thankful to be together for the adventure of life. We certainly have had a lot of "learning experiences" over the years. The last two plus years have been full of many adventures and learning experiences. Its been different being together almost 24/7 but we have grown closer and learned to appreciate each other more than ever. The great thing is we not only love each other dearly but we like each other and enjoy being together.
     On our anniversary we attended the rebroadcast of the Saturday sessions of General Conference and really enjoyed the meetings. When we were leaving I asked the Alaminos Ward Bishop to take our photo and document our anniversary. Bart was agreeable to it. He surprised me and shocked the Bishop and his wife when he said you need to take one more of us kissing. We also enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant in San Pablo. It was a very nice day.

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