Monday, November 7, 2016

Wonderful Senior Couples

       One of the great blessings of serving our mission is the many senior couples we have been able to serve with. They have been from different areas and had different personalities, talents, and skills but they have all been wonderful and have blessed our lives as well as the lives of the missionaries and members. We consider them our eternal friends.

       The couples have served in various assignments. Most of them have been called as MLS (Member Leader Support) missionaries but we have also had some that have been assigned as Office and Self-Reliance couples and one sister was our Mission Nurse. Whatever their assignment and wherever they've served they have blessed countless lives. We've shared spiritual and fun times together. It's always tender to say good-bye to these dear friends. We love them and appreciate their consecrated service. We look forward to a fun reunion in the future.

       The thing about senior couples is that they are always wonderful!!! We are excited to have so many couples serving with us now. We were down to three couples and by the end of November we will have seven senior couples serving at one time. We had three couples come in September. Already we are seeing the blessing of having couples assigned to every zone. They help check apartments, teach English to the Filipino and other non-native English speakers, support and help the wards/branches and stakes/districts where they serve, and of course, share the gospel through their Christlike examples. The missionaries love the senior couples!

       Although we served with some of the first six couples only a few months they blessed our lives and helped us with the adjustment of serving our mission through their encouragement, friendship, love, and examples. They each touched our lives for good. Some of our returned couples are now serving or have received a call to serve another mission. They're amazing!

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