Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Meeting a grandson for the first time!

    The last week of July we had a visit from Wes, Leah, and kids. It was wonderful to be with all of them and especially fun to meet cute Brantley! Maddie and Grady both ran to us and gave us big hugs. We had so much fun with this cute family seeing the same sights and doing basically the same things as with the other families but it was new and fun with this young family. They did great on the plane rides as well as throughout the week. As always we had tearful good-byes but we were happy that we had the time together. We are so thankful they were able to come and appreciate their willingness to come with 3 young children. They actually missed their connecting flight on the way home so it was extra long to get back but they all survived even though they were exhausted.

It was fun having Maddie paint my nails and especially fun to play store and restaurant with Maddie and Grady. Bart caught a frog on two different days and the first time scared the kids as the frog jumped out of his hand at them. Maddie loved her rice at Burger King and Grady loved the ube (purple yam) ice cream in the Halo Halo dessert. Brantley enjoyed entertaining the missionaries and sales people. Leah enjoyed the sights as well as shopping and eating at an Italian restaurant. Wes had fun playing basketball with the neighborhood boys but a highlight for him was going out with the missionaries. They actually taught an English speaker so he was able to teach part of the lesson. The kids were so cute in Primary. They brought toys to pass out to the kids and we told them it would be best to wait until the end of the week.
It turned out to be pouring rain but we got our umbrellas and headed to the neighborhood behind us.
Wes, Leah and kids had so much fun sharing their toys and seeing the excitement on the Filipino children's faces. 

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