Thursday, March 26, 2015

December 2014 Departing and Incoming Missionaries

     On the Sunday after Christmas we were joined by 24 departing missionaries. (Earlier in the month 3 others had left as well.) Usually the departing missionaries spend two nights with us before going to Manila but since it was the holidays we only had them for one night. It was quite hectic as President had to interview each of them. It was not only a large group but a fun group so it was enjoyable to visit with them. We had a nice dinner followed by a departing video, memories, and testimonies. On the morning of the 29 we all had breakfast, said our goodbyes and they got in Jeepneys to head to Manila. The only problem was there ended up not being enough room so President and I drove a few of them up to the hotel. It was fun to visit them as we traveled.

This was a big, fun loving group of missionaries! We'll miss them.

      In December both of the Assistants that were here when we arrived left as well as an office elder. These three elders were such a blessing to us. They were encouraging, loving, and accepting from the moment we met them. They had all been a way from the office for at least a few weeks so that helped in the transition but it was still tender to say good-bye.

      Tuesday morning, December 30th, we had 27 missionaries arrive! It was amazing to see all of them climb off the bus and head down the lane to the mission home. Once again because of the holidays and the need to get them to their areas before New Year's Eve we had to cut our time together. We had a brief orientation, they then met their trainers and had some training, ate lunch, and they were on their way to their areas.

Welcome to our largest group--27 missionaries!

A lot of great new missionaries to take the place of the large group that left.


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