Saturday, March 14, 2015

Merry Christmas 2014


      Christmas morning was very different and pretty relaxed. We were able to Skype with mom and dad Mangum with Hayley, Ben, and Peyton on their Christmas Eve. It was great to see them and visit for a while and a great way to start the morning. We had a Christmas brunch with the two office couples and were joined by the sister missionaries in the area. We then went with three of the couples to a baptism. It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas in the mission field. They called it a "White Christmas". There were two companionships involved and five baptisms. Most of the missionaries from that zone were there and it was a very special experience. After the baptism we (the four couples, the Assistants and office Elders) enjoyed a wonderful dinner, yummy desserts, and played games. After everyone left we were able to Skype and join some of our children and grandchildren for Christmas morning and watch the excitement of the kids while they unwrapped a couple of presents. We were able to "visit" and be a part of each of the family's Christmas celebration sometime during their Christmas day. It was the highlight to our Christmas for sure!

We had so much joining the traditional adult party and Christmas Eve Eve Family party. We loved joining in the laughter, hearing the grandkids sing, and seeing everyone together! 


Fun with Maddie, Grady, and Ari (Wes, Leah, Collin, & Cecily too).

Being entertained by the Larson family.

Sharing Christmas moments with Kaleb, Kat, and family.

Lots of laughter with Hayley, Ben, and Peyton and fun with the Drakulich family. 

Our first Christmas Day in the Philippines!

A few decorations in the mission home and around the area.


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