Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Easter--Because He Lives

   We are a week away from Easter and Bart and I want to share this video with you. It is a powerful clip about our Savior. As I have thought about what is different, possible, and better Because He Lives I realize the answer is everything. Because He lives I can again see my daughter, my parents, my sister, my brother, nieces, nephew, grandparents, and other loved ones that have passed to the other side of the veil. Because He lives I know that families can be together forever and that gives me hope and joy. Because He lives I can feel comfort and peace when my heart is aching. Because He lives I can be forgiven of sins and shortcomings. Because He lives there is a purpose to my life. Because He lives I can do hard things through the enabling power of His atonement. Because He lives I am serving a mission in the Philippines San Pablo Mission being blessed by the wonderful missionaries, members, and people here. There are countless things I could list that are a result of the fact that He, My Savior and Redeemer, Lives. I hope you enjoy the clip and that you take the time to think about what is different, possible, and better in your lives BECAUSE HE LIVES!


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The Burb said...

Thank you for sharing the clip and your testimony. We appreciate you and President Mangum and the work you are doing in the Philippines and with the missionaries that are serving.

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