Thursday, March 26, 2015

Special Missionary Meeting with Young Men's General President

     On February 7 we had a special experience as Elder and Sister Ardern (the Philippines Area President and wife) and the Young Men's General President, David Beck, and his wife came to our mission. The six of us enjoyed a nice lunch together at the mission home before driving to San Pablo for a special meeting with most of our missionaries. The visit at lunch was nice. Although I get nervous before we have special guests they are always friendly, personable, and fun. We are also blessed to hear insights and wisdom from them.
Brother and Sister Beck, Sister and President Mangum, Elder and Sister Ardern
     Unfortunately some of our missionaries are too far away to make it reasonable for them to attend so they missed out on this experience. Bart and I were told to each prepare a talk and all four of them were supposed to speak as well. As we were walking into the Chapel Elder Ardern said that he and Brother Beck had been talking and they had decided to change things. We were still supposed to talk but then they were going to have a panel discussion and let the missionaries ask them questions and they would answer. I couldn't believe it! The missionaries came to hear them speak not us. We gave our talks and then they did the panel discussion. It turned out great and the four of them were inspired in their answers. I couldn't believe how easy it seemed for them to answer questions in that kind of format. Bart and I were included in the answering but I briefly said something and Bart added a couple of answers. Anyway, it was a great meeting and the missionaries enjoyed it.
      After the missionary meeting there was a special meeting for the youth from four stakes in our mission. The chapel and cultural hall were filled with youth. It was a wonderful meeting. Elder and Sister Ardern, and Sister Beck all spoke briefly and then Brother Beck taught about the sacrament and showed the clip "Always Remember Him." Each of the youth had been given an outline and were asked to write ways that they would remember the Savior. He then had the a few young men and a few young women come up and share their comments. It was so impressive to listen to these faithful youth. It was a wonderful meeting and the Spirit was strong. I'm putting a link to the video clip. It's very thought provoking.

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