Thursday, March 26, 2015

February Departing and Incoming Missionaries

February 8-10, 2015/Departing Missionaries
     It's hard to believe how quickly 6 weeks pass by. Our February departing batch was a fantastic group of missionaries. Each time it gets a little harder to say good-bye as we know the missionaries better. This group had a lot of wonderful sisters who had blessed my life since we got to the mission. They had been cheerleaders encouraging and supporting me. I had also had the opportunity to go out and teach with a couple of the sisters and we had attended baptisms for many of this group. The good-byes were tearful but the time with the sisters and elders at the mission home was great. We had a wonderful Family Home Evening sharing favorite mission memories and testimonies.

Our Fantastic February Departing Batch
Saying Good-bye gets harder each time. We'll really miss them! 
A fun new sign for departing batches--thanks to Sister Moran.

February 11-12, 2015/Incoming Missionaries

     The cycle continues and a day after we said good-bye to our missionaries we welcomed new ones. This was a small batch and only one sister to replace 14! The smaller batch made the orientation and visiting very personal and we enjoyed it. They are a great group. As they got off the bus I thought one of them looked just like one of our other Elders. I looked at his name tag and realized why he looked so familiar, it was one of our elders returning. He had gone home for some medical concerns and we weren't told he was coming back with this group. It was fun to see him and great to have him well enough to return.

Our new great group of missionaries ready to serve.

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