Thursday, March 26, 2015

January 2015

     January was filled with Zone Interviews. We spent a lot of time traveling and actually spent 5 nights in a row gone one week. Elder and Sister Galbraith came with us and it was a fun trip. While President was interviewing the missionaries Sister Galbraith and I did a workshop on cooking and eating healthy. I did a Power Point presentation and Sister Galbraith demonstrated 3 dishes that the missionaries could cook--quick, healthy, and inexpensive meals. We also made them little recipe books so they could cook for themselves. The missionaries all loved the workshop because they got to eat a nice meal. After 15 deals of demonstrations we were tired of the meals even though she switched them up a little. It's always fun to be with the missionaries but it is tiring and we were happy to have the interviews done and get a little bit of a break.

Some of the beautiful scenery we saw during our zone interview travels.

Some of the missionaries during the cooking workshops.

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