Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thinking of my dad

    Today marks a year since my dear dad passed away and joined my sweet mom on the other side of the veil. It's been such a crazy year and since I've been gone for 9 months of it I'm not sure I have really adjusted to life without my dad; after all right now my life is so different and without any of my family except Bart, of course. Life here in the Philippines is quite different and there are so many interesting and unusual things to see as you drive around. The scenery is beautiful and there are many rice fields. There are different kinds of modes of transportation then we have in the United States and even the cows are different. I find myself often thinking about my dad and how fascinated he would be to see the surroundings and the Filipino lifestyle. He would love the people because they are so friendly and kind. I often say to Bart that I wish my dad was still alive so he could see these things or I could at least tell him about them. Bart assures me that he knows and sees these things. I find myself wondering aloud about the things I see and what people do that live in the big homes and then Bart just tells me I sound like my dad. I'm good with that. I also know that Dad would love to hear about our adventures and the "learning" and spiritual experiences we are having. Once again Bart assures me that my dad and mom are getting to participate in our mission experiences. I'm sure he's right. I'm thankful for all my dad taught me through word and example throughout his 87 years here on earth. I miss my dad's smile and funny sayings, his strong hands, his spiritual insights and wisdom, his goodness, and strong faith and testimony. I miss both my dad and mom because when I think of one I naturally think of the other. What a wonderful example of "true love" they set for me, our family, and everyone who knew them. We all loved watching their interaction and watching them hold hands and give each other a kiss. I'm sure I will never quit missing them but I am so thankful for their legacy. Love you forever dad and mom!

Cutest sweethearts!
This was taken about 3 weeks before he died--he looks so great!

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